Why Is My Laptop Running Slow And Freezing?

why is my laptop running slow and freezing

In today’s world, everyone wants to perform and complete everything in quick mode, either it is in daily life or in professional work. in technologies world, everything becomes so speedy like computers and laptops. the main purpose of these devices is speed, and we also expect a lot of speed from these devices, to complete our work easily and efficiently.

But the major problem is that nothing is permanent in this world, and so as the technology. sometimes our laptop or computer becomes too slow, and then we are searching for the reasons why our devices becomes slow. if we say that due to the only one reason our devices get slow, then it will be wrong because there are too many reasons which affect our devices, so our article will offer you several reasons that cause our laptops or computers to be slow down and how to overcome these problems study our article thoroughly.

Following are the reasons due to which our laptops and pc’s slow down

malware and virus

malware is one of the major reason of slowing down the laptops and pc’s. these are classified as a virus, adware, spyware etc. all these have different properties and can affect your device in different ways. all these are very harmful to any operating system.

in today’s world, when we install any application or game from third parties, it leaves viruses in our system and these viruses install harmful programs which runs ad’s continuously. this ad’s not only gives good income to its creator but also damage our system.

now to avoid from this malware, you need to install some antivirus software or anti-malware application. you need to run these applications on a daily basis in order to keep the device fast and secure. but you will need to remember that don’t install too many anti-malware applications because the excess of too much is bad, so too many anti-malware can also slow down your devices.

if the scanning of your device is too slow, then it is the virus which runs in the background and causes your device to slow down.

A lot of startup programs

Everyday people downloaded different applications and programs, when we download too many applications, they tried the way to add up the startup menu and when the computer starts working, the added applications are also started running in the background, as a result, our computer or laptop gets slow down. so we need to install those applications which are essential to us.

If you have a new computer, obviously it will be worked fastly, although if you installed too many applications if you owned an old laptop or computer then you will be taken care while downloading any program because it will not afford too many burdens as a result it will slow down and its performance gets affected because 90 per cent devices become too slow due to the downloading of too many programs.

Failings of hardware

Hardware is consist of too many parts which are moving thousands of times per day and due to this excess moving, wear and tear can cause in it and as a result, affects your device performance. and it is a common issue because generally the lifespan of any hardware is 2 to 3 years and after completing this time, wearing and tearing can occurring in any hardware.

As compared to the hard drive, solid-state hard drive have a long lifetime consisting of 8 to 10 years but the reason is that these are too expensive which are not affordable to anyone while the hardware can afford everyone. also, the speed of solid-state hard drive is too fast as compared to a standard hard drive. solid-state hard drive is approximately 10 times faster than the standard hard drive. so, if you can afford solid-state hard drive then you must need to choose this option.

so, we concluded that failing of hardware is also the main cause of slowing down the laptops.

When hard drive is 95 percent full.

While downloading too many applications, it will definitely take up the space but when you are starting to use it, it will produce trash data etc which taking up your storage as a result your device performance can be affected.

according to some calculations, when your hardware is full 95 % then your device performance will be lagged down to 50 per cent. so you need to not let the hardware to be fulled up to 85 to 95%.

when the hardware is full 95 % then the operating systems will not be worked properly because for running the operating system space is required and when there is no space left then the applications or programs will not be worked properly, as a result, laptop or pcs becomes slow down.

to avoid this problem, you must need to clean the trash files on a daily basis and uninstall those applications which are not useful to you or you cannot use it. in this way, you can make your device faster.

Excess of ads appears on browser

Excess of ads appear on a browser can also slow down the device. browser extensions can help to increase your browsing and enjoy too many things at the same time but the problem is that the browser extensions are responsible for your device to getting slow down because given extensions to the browser slow down the operating system and when your operating system gets slow down then how you will be worked fastly. also, some ads appear on the browser which might be the adware which reduces the performance of your laptop or pcs.

Opening of too many applications

Another reason of slowing down your device is the opening of too many applications because when we open 3 or 4 applications on the laptop or pcs and starting to use it, it will work finely but when our work is finished, we don’t take care of those applications which are running in the background, as result, it not only affected the performance but can also damage the ram and disc space and nowadays it is one of the general issues because people are so busy that they forget to close down the applications and due to this our device gets affected.

to avoid this problem, you must need to close all the applications running in the background and also tried to not use more than 2 applications at the same time, if you follow these instructions, your device performance will never be affected.

opening of too many tabs is also the cause of slowing down the device. if you are opened too many tabs and wants to perform some work then you will never be a success in it because too many tabs will lag your device, as a result, you will not be able to function anything. to get rid of these problems, you need to just open those tabs which are necessary for your operation.


Today‚Äôs question that why is my laptop becomes slow and freeze so when you turn on your laptop then don’t open many tabs on your pc because its also the reason of slower laptop as well as when you download many applications in your pc its also the main and effective reason of slower and freeze laptop. we explain all the effects of which our laptops slow, must read our article and you will fully understand.

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