How To Replace Laptop Motherboard — A Complete Guide & Simple Steps

The motherboard is the most important part of both the Laptop and computer system. It makes the Connection between the important components of the system, consisting of memory and connectors, central processing unit (CPU). It is also called the mainboard.

If your laptop doesn’t turn on, then it might be some problem with the motherboard, most of the people thought that this problem may not be solved, and as a result, they bought a new laptop.  But there are some cases, in which the motherboard can be replaced and that’s why we are here to show you that how to replace the laptop motherboard? Let’s go to the main process.

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 You must need to know 3 things about the motherboard

1). As you know that the motherboard is very complicated because of the presence of different components. When any problem occurs in the motherboard, then it becomes very difficult to diagnose it, and even if the problem is diagnosed, then it takes a lot of time to eliminate it. For the diagnosis and repairing of problem, Highly computer or laptop expert is required.

2). If foreign objects like dust, hair, etc, are sucked into your laptop or computer, then there is a chance that your motherboard may be damaged. So keep your device clean.

3). Before buying a new motherboard, you just need to confirm that the motherboard is compatible with your laptop hardware.

How to diagnose problems in the laptop motherboard?

How to diagnose problems in the laptop motherboard

It is very difficult to diagnose the motherboard problems, but below there are some symptoms that indicate that your motherboard is defective.

• Your device will be Boots slowly or fail to Boot.

• There will be appeared different lines on the screen.

• Blue screen errors

• When you want to connect the USB or any external device to your device, Connection problems may occur.

• when the screen is not working, then it might be a motherboard problem.

Now, let’s go to discuss in detail that how to replace the laptop motherboard?

Step-by-step process of replacing a Laptop motherboard

Step 1

Before starting the replacing process, you must need to read the instructions given on the laptop manufacturer manual. It will help you to remove components like hard discs etc easily.

Step 2

Switch off your laptop and remove the battery.

Step 3

Placed your laptop on the static mat.

Step 4

Take the screwdriver and remove those screws that secure the optical and hard disks. Remove them and place them with yourself.

Step 5

After the removal of the hard disk and optical disk, now, unscrew the memory access cover.

Step 6

In this step, you will need to remove the memory chip. First, remove all the screws from the memory compartment. Now, look at the side of the module holder and release all the latches from it slowly, and then lift the module at a 30-degree angle. The size of the memory chip is equal to half of the PCI card.

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Step 7

Disconnect the antenna leads from the wireless Card.

Step 8

Remove the CPU(If it is removable) by opening the access door of the processor.

Step 9

Remove all the screws from the bottom case of your laptop with the help of a screwdriver. If it doesn’t require, then don’t remove those screws that hold the LCD.

Step 10

Remove the bottom case carefully.

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Step 11

Before the removal of any component, draw its image on the paper or capture the picture of all the components to fix them back in their position correctly.

Step 12

In this step, you will need to disconnect all the connections that are attached to the motherboard. Furthermore, unplug all the cards like video cards etc. Find and remove all those screws that secure the motherboard.

Step 13

Replace the old motherboard by installing the new one and position all those components in the places that you have been removed earlier.

This is the simple solution of how to replace a laptop motherboard?


1). What is the total cost of replacing a laptop motherboard?

It may cost you $250 to $500 to replace a laptop motherboard.

2). Can it be difficult to replace a laptop motherboard?

It is easier to replace a laptop motherboard if you are an expert, otherwise, it becomes too difficult to change the motherboard.

3). What should I need to do, replace a motherboard or buy a new laptop?

If your motherboard costs you too much then you should need to buy a new laptop but if it doesn’t cost you too much, then replacing will be a good option.

4). What are the causes of failing a laptop motherboard?

Your motherboard my damage due to excess electric shocks or can also be damaged due to excess heat.


After reading our article, you will be fully understood that how to replace a laptop motherboard? Replacing a laptop motherboard is not a tough task, but you should need to remove every component carefully. You should need to capture or draw the image of every single component before its removal. If you have any questions, then ask them in the comments section.

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