How To Overclock Hp Laptop (CPU, GPU & Motherboard)

Overclocking of the Laptop or PC is the best way to increase your processor speed than its original speed, and that’s why you must be thinking that can Overclocking is good for the laptop or PC?  Our answer will be yes because it can improve your laptop and PC speed if you perform intensive tasks, but you should research all the situations before Overclocking because it can end your PC manufacturer warranty. Without taking any time, let’s go to discuss that How to Overclock Hp Laptop

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The CPU controls all the primary functions of your laptop. If you Overclocked the CPU, it will start working faster than its original capacity. Overclocking can increase the CPU speed up to 30%, this will be a great advantage to the gamers because some games are very heavy that they lagged during playing. Overclocked makes your every intensive work effortless.

All the CPUs cannot be Overclocked, you just need to check whether my CPU can be Overclocked or not. Intel’s model numbers “X” and “K” show that the chip can easily be Overclocked. For example, you can Overclock the Intel Core i9-10900K, but cannot Overclock the Intel Core i9-10900F. The AMD Ryzen CPUs can also be Overclocked.

Taking preventive measures Before Overclocking the CPU

Before Overclocking your CPU, you just need to take some preventive measures because if your CPU takes too much stress while Overclocking it will get heated and as result, your whole system will fail. So, you will need to take the following preventives to make your device safe.

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1). Stability

First, you will need to check that whether your CPU handles too much stress or not. You can check it with the help of software programs.

2). Temperature

Mostly, the CPU temperature can jump up to

130 °F to 170 °F while working hard. But if the temperature is 175 °F to 200 °F, then it means that it is not safe to Overclocked the CPU. You can install and download the HW Monitor application, to check your CPU temperature.

3). Benchmarks

It is the process of giving your Laptop a difficult task to check the effectiveness of your device. You can use different tools for benchmarking, such as cinebench.

4). Stress test

It is a vital step to check that how well your CPU handles too much stress during Overclocking. You can use different tools like prime 95, etc, to perform the stress test.

5). Cooling systems

Before starting the procedure of How to Overclock HP Laptop, you just need to upgrade your cooling system because Overclocking can heat the CPU dangerously and if you don’t have the proper cooling system, then the whole system will fail.

You can use CPU water cooling to cool your CPU during Overclocking. Dry ice and liquid nitrogen are also available for cooling purposes, but they are costly, and the result is also not good, so the water cooling system is the best option.

6). CPU multiplier

It is clear from the name that the CPU multiplier increases the original speed many times. The default CPU clock speed is 100 MHz. A multiplier of 35 means that the CPU clock speed will be 3500 MHz or 3.5 GHz. You can need to use the Benchmark and stress app to check the capability of your CPU and then apply the CPU multiplier.

7). Voltage

You will need to set your CPU voltage because high voltage can damage your CPU completely. The default voltage is needed to be set at 1.25 volts and then increasing it constantly by 0.01 volts until your device Overclock successfully. Make sure that the voltage is not increased from 1.4 volts.

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After taking all the preventive measures, now you can Overclock your CPU.

Process of Overclocking a CPU

1). Switch off your computer and then switch it ON by using the power button. Now click on the specific keys to launch the UEFI or the BIOS menu. The specific keys may delete, F1, F2, F10, or F12. You can read the user manual of your laptop or PC to know about the details.

2). In the BIOS or UEFI menu, you will need to search for options like “processor settings” or” CPU tweaker”. If your device has the latest features, then the option may be” Overclocking or OC”.

3). In the CPU menu, different options will be available, but you will need to focus only on the CPU multiplier and CPU voltage. You can use both but Begin with the CPU multiplier.

4). Slowly increase the power until your CPU gets Overclocked.

This may help you with How to Overclock HP Laptop.

How to Can we Overclocked the HP laptop motherboards?

Follow the following Steps to Overclock your Laptop motherboards.

Step 1

The First thing you need to do is to open your device chassis and show the motherboard to discover the model number. For finding the computer model number, you will need to see the white symbol that is present under the six-digit number followed by -001.

Step 2

In this step, search “non-HP motherboard” followed by “OEM” letters in the search engine. If your search doesn’t show any result, then you can also check the Overclocker forums.

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Step 3

Now, it’s time to download “the substitute BIOS”. You can download it from the “OEM” website or any trusted website of Overclocker. When you download the substitute BIOS, there will be an extra file in the BIOS settings called “README. Txt” or the same as this. You will need to open this file and read all the given instructions. It will provide you with all the information you needed like which buttons are used to open the BIOS page after you substitute the latest version of HP BIOS and so many other things.

Step 4

In this step, open the BIOS page and switch your screen. Depending on your BIOS version you can control clock speed, CPU voltage, etc. Now, slowly increase the speed 3 to 5 percent each time, increase the speed up to 20%. You can also increase the speed from 20% if your device capability is good.

How can we Overclock the HP laptop Graphics card?

The Overclocking of Graphics cards will Only be fruitful for you if you are a game lover. Through this, you can increase the game frames up to 20 percent or more than that. The Overclocking of graphic cards is not dangerous, but you should take the following measures to make your device safe.

Step 1: Usage of tools

All the graphics cards cannot be Overclocked, so don’t Overclock those Graphics cards that consist of “Intel HD graphics”, GMA 4500mhd” or something like that. Only AMD or Nvidia graphic cards can be Overclocked.

You can use different tools or software programs to Overclock the Graphics card. One of the best applications for Overclocking Graphics cards is “Guru3D”. This application is straightforward to use, you can set the memory clock, shader clock, and core clock separately. It means that you can easily set the clock speed but make sure that the device can’t be heated too much.

Step 2: Testing

When you start to increase the clock frequencies, you need to check whether your device gets heated or not.

You can use different tools to test your system that whether it’s stressed or not. You can download and install different applications like Furmark, Guru3D, etc to check your device status.

It’s all about How to Overclock Hp laptops, you can follow the above methods to solve the problem of Overclocking HP laptops.

Disadvantages of Overclocking CPU

1). Maximum power bill

Overclocking will consume more volts, as a result, the power bill will be more.

2). Maintenance costs

During Overclocking, the CPU gets heated and as a result, extra costs will be required for cooling tools.

3). Cancelation of warranty

The Overclocking process can void your laptop manufacturer’s warranty, so think twice Before Overclocking.

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Q1: Can my HP computer will be Overclocked?

If you own a desktop containing an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor, then it can be Overclocked.

Q2: Is it safe to Overclock the Laptop?

Yes, it is safe to Overclock the Laptop, but it may be a little costly, also it can damage your device if you don’t take preventive measures.


After reading this article, all your doubts regarding How to Overclock HP Laptop will be clear. Before Overclocking the Laptop, you just need to take the required measures like paying attention to its cooling system and also apply the specific voltage to your device to prevent your device From any type of damage. If you have any questions, then ask them in the comments section.

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