How To Connect Camcorder To Laptop For Live Streaming

how to connect camcorder to laptop for live streaming

A camcorder is an amazing electronic device that have one video camera and the also have one video cassette recorder. The main purpose of this device is to help you to store your live-streaming, record videos etc.

The video camera is enabled you to record all your videos which then can be used for live-streaming. Camcorder provided you such type of HD videos recording that no video’s camera can provide you because the zoom feature has given in these devices which is lack in many videos cameras.

Before going to explanation we must need to know that why we need to connect camcorder to our laptop for live-streaming.? Many of us will know the answer but Many will don’t know the reason of its connection, so let’s discuss the reason.,

we connect camcorder to a laptop because camcorder has lack of high storage space. When we started the recording of something, we may face the storage problems and our recording cannot be completed at a time, to get rid of this problem we connect it to the laptop in order to get a huge storage space for recording of videos or for live-streaming.


The most important thing to be learned for running the camcorder is the connection process, you must need to have a full knowledge about the connection process before starting the camcorder. If you have a knowledge, then it will be very smooth for you to learn all the basic requirements for connection to undergo live-streaming.

Following are the basic requirements that will help you to connect camcorder to your laptop to start the live-streaming and video recording smoothly and efficiently;


The most important thing is the camcorder because the whole conversation is based on the camcorder and if you have lack of this then your work have no means. You can buy it online from anywhere you want, also it is available on different stores, so you can easily buy it. If you are not a professional worker and wants for some time, then you can easily bring it from someone for a while. After owing the camcorder, you must need to have a lens for video recording because it will give you a perfect and HD result.


1). There are many filters available which improve the streaming quality.

2). It is very comfortable to use.

3). The timing of recording is maximum, so you can make streaming for a long time.

4). It has better zoom feature than any other ordinary camera.


The second most important thing is the laptop.

Nowadays everyone has their own laptop but if you have lack of laptop then you must buy a good laptop because the main purpose of this connection is the increasing of storage for live-streaming but if you have not a good laptop then you cannot fulfill your own purpose.

 #3. Connection

Internet plays an important role in live-streaming. You must have a fast internet connection because if your Connection is slow, your recording will be buffered and also your video will be affected but if your Connection is fast, you will be enjoying it a lot.


To start the live-streaming, you must have to connect the camcorder with your laptop and for this purpose USB cable is required.USB ports are available in both the laptop and camcorder, so you can easily connect both devices. You can buy USB cable online or from any nearer store.

#5. VGA Cable

VGA cable is an alternative to the USB cable because sometimes laptop have lack of USB ports or not working properly then you can use the VGA cable, if it is supported by your camcorder.


Besides the above tools, now we will give you some important information about different software and applications that to be installed before starting the live stream.


This first thing you need to do is to install the video broadcasting software. You can download it from different online stores. Different broadcasting software are available, some are free to use and for some you must need to pay before using it. Names of some software are Bebo, camelion etc.


Real-Time Messaging Protocol software is used to smooth the flow of your stream, even at the slow internet speed. You must need to install this application to avoid Connection problems.


For live-streaming channel is necessary, if you have then it is perfect but if you don’t have then made the new one.


When you finished all the above installations in your laptop, now you can start the live-streaming by following the steps given below.

Step 1

First install some software that is required for the live stream. There are different software, but install only those which is supported by your camcorder otherwise not. Live stream, U stream etc. are the software’s that is compatible to your camcorder. This software’s will also enable you to install free version of broadcasting software. There are other resources are available like Blog TV etc. which don’t need any software to be installed.

Step 2

In this step you will make a new fresh account and begins your broadcasting channel, for this purpose you will need to click on the broadcasting software and comes to the set up interface where you can make the new account.

Step 3

Now install Real Time Messaging Protocol application. The main purpose of this application is that it makes your Connection stronger and stable when there is an interruption in the Connection. There are many Real Time Messaging Protocol applications are available such as Adobe flash, wirecast etc.

Step 4

For the stability of camcorder, you need to attach the camcorder with the tripod. If you want to avoid the dark footage quality and wants the perfect result, then you must need to select those places where the intensity of light is good.

Step 5

To create a connection between camcorder and computer, plug the one side of the USB cable into the camcorder USB port and plug the other side to the computer USB port. If the camcorder consists of VGA port and there is lack of USB ports, then you can easily connect it to your computer through VGA cable. If your computer does not have a VGA port, then you will need to buy a VGA to USB converter which will help you to connect your computer with the camcorder.

Step 6

Now it’s time to set up the video streaming settings. In this step you will need to set up the video streaming settings at high quality. This process can be done by using several applications.

Step 7

In this step you will be power on the camcorder but kept one thing in your mind that the place where you want to stream must be brighter otherwise your video will be dark as a result the quality will be low and then you will not be able to promote your streaming effectively.

Step 8

Now press the broadcast button to start live-streaming of your video. You can find this button in the broadcasting program that you have already installed in your laptop. Depending upon your install software the broadcast button may be appeared “start live-streaming” or “Go live”.

Step 9

When your recording is complete, then press on the stop button to stop the live-streaming.

For the effective live-streaming you must need to follow all the above steps.


The process given below will helps you to connect camcorder with Mac to continue your live-streaming.

1). First you will need to turn on your mac computer.

2). After turning on the computer, now it’s time to turn on your camcorder.

3). In this step you will need to connect the camcorder with your Mac computer by using camcorder USB cable but if your Mac computer consists of the latest generation then single cable is not enough, you need to buy a USB hub to connect your computer with the camcorder USB cable.

4). In this step choose the connect option present on the camcorder.

5). Now its depends on your mood that which kind of software you want to use. There are several live-streaming software available for your Mac computer such as Wire cast, Mimolive etc. You can use either of them.

6). In this step you will need to attach camera with Mac by using capture card. capture card is a device that will help you to connect the HDMI with your Mac computer by using USB cable.

7). Now it’s time to start the broadcasting of your live video. For this purpose, you will need to press the broadcast button which is situated in the Broadcasting software program that has already installed in your computer. Depending upon your software that you have used the appearance of button may be “Go Live” etc.

8). After completion of streaming now press the stop button,to end the live session of your video.


1). Live-streaming is very easy to use because it does not require any type of editing while videos without streaming must require good editing.

2). Through live streaming you can also run your business. you can show different products you want to sell, as a result your business will be make progress.

3). Through live streaming you can easily engage your Audience by showing them great contents.

4). There are too many platforms, through which you can continue your streaming.

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