How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen?

how to clean a matte laptop screen

Everyone wants its laptop to be clean and shiny because clean laptops provide a pleasant look to all of us.  Nowadays laptops can easily be scratched or dotted, although if you have no naughty children or pets and the reason is that the life becomes busier and everyone is in rush, so due to this, scratches can appear on your laptops. Screen is the only area of laptop that can easily be affected. Several fingerprints and dots can appear easily on the screen which can reduce its cost also. Modern days laptops comes with stunning and modern displays but still, dirt can easily be accumulated on it.

There are several reasons which are the cause of dirtying the laptop screen. The first reason is the oil. Sometimes when we use laptop keyboard with oily hand, its button gets oily and as soon as we touch the display, fingerprints appear on the screen along with dust because oil can accumulate dust easily. The modern day’s laptops screen can be used for a long time as compared to its older versions, it can easily handle the pressure but fingerprints or dots can easily appear on it and the second reason is that several times we left the screen open for a long time and due to this fact dust can easily be accumulated. So we need to clean the laptop screen daily to avoid the dust and fingerprints.

There are many efficient and effective methods for cleaning the laptop screen which is available on different platforms etc but our article will provide you with the most effective and long-lasting methods for cleaning the screen. We will show you several products which will help you to clean your laptop screen professionally.

But before going to elaborate the cleaning process, we must know that what is the difference between matte and glossy displays.

Let’s discuss one by one;


Glossy Display has more intensive and saturated colours but the main problem is that it causes a reflection. You cannot use it in the light. Indirect sunlight, it becomes very difficult to use because of reflection. It also becomes very difficult to see something on the screen if reflection comes through windows. The great place for using the glossy display in the stores because here the light is not bright and you can easily use it but for a brighter light you just need to use a matte screen.


Matte screen is the favourable choice for everyone. This screen is coated with anti-glare that not causes a reflection and its major advantage is that you can use it in brighter light. You can use it in sunlight and also use it in your office if you have a brighter bulb. But one problem is that due to coating it looks a little dim.


1). It can easily be used in strong light.

2). It cannot decrease the eye strain.

3). Dust is not too much visible.


1). It is very difficult to remove the dust.


  Following are the methods that can be used to clean your matte screen completely.


We can use a cloth for glasses and cameras to remove the dust to make it shiny. Microfiber Cloth is a technique used to clean the laptop screen without causing the scratches or dots.

We can use other cloth materials as well but the problem is that it can cause scratches or dots on the screen. But keep in mind that do not use a towel or paper because it will definitely scratch your screen, so avoid the use of papers and towels.



First, you will need only a microfiber cloth, nothing else and this cloth was Specially made for cleaning glasses and lenses.

 STEP 2:

Before starting the cleaning the process you just need to know that you need to shut down your laptop completely. Because of the laptop is power on and you want to clean it then it will be very difficult for you because the bright screen will never let you that where is the dust and what area should be clean and also your laptop can damage if you cannot power off it.

 STEP 3:

The third step is the most important. The 1st thing you should be remembered that use gentle hands not too hard because if you use hard hands then it will damage your screen by making scratches on it. The second thing you must know that clean the display in one direction not in circle form because if you clean your display in circle form then it will only circulate the dust not to clean it.

Step 4:

Keep cleaning the screen, until the dust is completely removed and makes the screen shiny.

You must need to follow the above steps strictly if you want to clean your display without any damage.


The second method of cleaning the screen is the sponge.

In this world everything is not perfect, So same is the case as a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth may not give 100 per cent result for you and may leave the dust on the screen. So, for making your screen more clear you just need to use a sponge and distilled water as a replacement of microfiber cloth. It will give you a more effective result than the microfiber cloth.

This cleaning methods required only distilled water or filtered water because these waters have lack of minerals, so these are not harmful to the screen but if you use the mineral water then it will be damaged your screen by leaving marks on it because it contains minerals and it is not good for the displays.


For the successful completion of this method, you just need to shut down the laptop completely and along with power off, you just need to remove the battery if it is possible because this process involved water and water is very dangerous for running devices and if your battery is not fixed then it can also be damaged if you cannot remove it.


After taking the sponge from distilled water, you must need to squeeze it completely because if you can’t do it then there will be more water and because of it, it can go inside and can damage any component of the laptop.


Gently clean the area of the laptop which are mostly affected. And remember one thing that cannot use a lot of wet sponge and look to the drops, if there present drops etc then immediately clean it before making any damage.


After completing the cleaning process, you must need to wait until it’s dry completely because if you power on your device and it is wet then it can produce a current etc.


If the microfiber method is not working properly for you then you can also use another can use solution spray to make your laptop screen clean like a crystal. solution spray is available in different forms and you can easily purchase it from anywhere.

You can purchase solution spray but along with purchasing you can also make it in your home. For this purpose, you will be need distilled water and white vinegar. First, take an equal amount of white vinegar and distilled water and then completely mixed it. Then mixed this mixture with isopropyl alcohol to obtain your solution spray. Now it is ready to be used for cleaning the screen of your laptop.


Before starting the process, first all shut down the laptop and remove the battery if it is possible and follow this step strictly because the solution contains alcohol along with vinegar which can put bad impact on your laptop screen.


You will need to be most active in this step.

You will need to spray the solution on the microfiber cloth but cannot apply it directly on the screen because of the properties of this spray, it can damage the internal components of your device. After squeezing the microfiber cloth, you can now apply it on the screen but make sure that the cloth is not soaked too much.


Now gently start the cleaning of your screen. Make sure that do not apply extra pressure because extra pressure can damage your screen. You will need it to clean it in the form of small circles, if you clean it in one direction then it may damage your screen.


Keep in mind if there is present any drop of water on the screen then immediately clean it. Also, you must know that microfiber cloth must be properly squeezed after applying solution spray. Repeat the above process several times until you satisfied that your screen is Crystal clear now.


To avoid any damage to the screen, wait for several minutes then power on because to open the laptop before drying completely will damage the screen.


Now you will be a clear idea in your mind that which technique is better for you. You can use microfiber cloth technique for normal dust but if the dust is too uglier than you can use the second last two methods for proper cleaning. Remember one thing, always shut down your laptop before cleaning it. If you have any question, then you can ask it in the comments box.

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