How To Clean A Laptop Fan Without Opening? Guide With Easy Method

All the Laptops, computers, etc., consists of a cooling system for their internal components. Laptops and computers processors perform billions of operations per second, and each operation uses electricity, therefore the manufacturer’s integrated cooling fan removes extra heat from the professors and other components of your laptops and computers.

But, if the dust is accumulated on the fan, then the cooling system will not be worked perfectly, and due to overheating, your device may get damaged. So, you need to clean your device fan once a week to make it fully operational, and we are here to help you that how to clean a laptop fan without opening it? Let’s discuss every method in detail.

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Three(3) Methods Of Cleaning A Laptop Fan Without Opening?

How To Clean A Laptop Fan Without Opening

Method 1: Use Of A Can Of Compressed Air

This is one of the simple and the safest way of cleaning Laptop fans without opening. This method consists of the following steps;

1). Bought a can of compressed air. These cans are easily available in the local markets.

2). Now, position the can of compressed air under one of the Laptop cooling holes and press the can.

3). Repeat the same process for all the holes, as a result, dust will be blown away through these holes and your laptop fans will start working again.

Never burst the air directly on the fans because by doing so, the fan will start to rotate fast which is dangerous for the fans. So, used a long plastic object to stop the rotation of fans.

Method 2: Cleaning Of Laptop Fans Through The Vacuum Cleaner

This is also the simple method to remove the dust from the Laptop fans without opening them.

1). The first thing you will need to do is to buy a small size cordless vacuum cleaner.

2). Turned off your laptop or computer completely.

3). Take a long plastic object and place it between the hole and the fan blades to avoid the rotating of fans.

4). Now, you will need to set your vacuum cleaner at low pressure and then turn it ON.

5). Now bring the vacuum cleaner towards one of the Laptop fan holes for a few seconds.

6). Apply the same process for all the holes, as a result, the dust will be blown away.

It is a cheap process because it is already available in every home, so you will don’t need to buy a new one. Always turn off your laptop before using the Vacuum cleaner.

I hope that these two methods will be effective in how to clean laptop fan without opening.

Method 3: Cleaning Of Laptop Fans By Opening The Laptop

If the Laptop fans are difficult to clean without opening, then you will need to open the Laptop to clean the fans by follow the following steps.

 Required things:

•Lint-Free Cloth

•Static-Free Mat

Step 1

Power off your laptop and kept it on the anti-static surface.

Step 2

In this step, you will need to remove the bottom panel of your laptop, for this purpose, the screws will be removed first. The construction of a laptop may be different due to different manufacturers, but all the screws can be removed easily.

For Larger screws, a screwdriver is enough, but if the screws are too small, then you will need to bring a pair of tweezers, needle-nosed pairs, etc. Now, put all the screws in a small dish.

Step 3

Now, to avoid rotating, hold the fans with your fingers. Don’t Remove the fans because if you don’t have proper knowledge about Laptop repairs, then it may cause problems to your laptop.

Step 4

Take a soft cloth and slowly start the cleaning of fans. Remove all the dust from the surface as well as the fans. Also, clean the cooling holes carefully.

Step 5

Slowly blow the fan to remove all the remaining dust. Repeat all the steps several times, until the fans clean completely.


Don’t need to remove any part of your laptop or computer, if you don’t have any knowledge about the hardware. Furthermore, don’t use the vacuum cleaner.

How can we clean the fan in a Dell laptop?

Follow the following instructions to know that how we can clean the fan in Dell laptop;

1). First, turn off your Dell laptop.

2). Remove all the screws from the back of your laptop with the help of the screwdriver, as a result, the optical drive will be removed. Remove the screws under the optical drive.

3). Now flip your laptop and start to remove the keyboard slowly with the help of a tweezers tool or any Sharp metal object, also remove the keyboard flex cable.

4). Remove all the screws under the keyboard.

5). Remove the back cover of your laptop slowly with the help of a credit card or any Sharp plastic object.

6). After removing the back cover you will see the fan, clean the fan with the help of a soft cloth, and then slowly blow it through your fingers to remove the remaining dust.

How Can We Clean The Fans In The Asus Laptop?

1). First, remove all the screws from the back of your laptop. Now you can remove the optical drive, so remove it. Furthermore, remove the screws under the optical drive.

2). Now, flip your laptop and remove the keyboard with the help of tweezers or any Sharp metal object, also disconnect the connector from the circuit board.

3). Place the keyboard with yourself.

4). In this step, disconnect all the motherboard cables.

5). Now remove all those screws that hold the fan.

6). Use a soft cloth to clean the fan.

What Cause The Laptop Fans To Be Replaced?

Some Laptop fans consist of plastic bearings, if the bearings are damaged, then you will need to replace a laptop fan. If the fans produce a loud sound, then it means that the replacement of fans is necessary.

You can easily find different laptop fans on Amazon. You can also find them in laptop or computer stores.

Laptop cooling pads

A fan has been Integrated into Laptop cooling pads that will help to keep your device cool at higher temperatures. If your budget is High, then buy the expensive cooling pads for better performance, if your budget is low, then buy the cooling pads from local stores.

It’s All About How To Clean A Laptop Fan Without Opening It?


 1). How can I know if my laptop fan is dry?

If you feel no airflow, then it means that your laptop fan is dry. You can use a can of compressed air to solve this problem.

 2). Can I use the hairdryer for the cleaning of Laptop fans?

We don’t recommend you to use the hairdryer because if you cannot fix the heat settings according to your laptop, then it may damage your device badly.

 3). How often do I require to clean the Laptop fan?

You will need to clean your laptop twice a month to avoid overheating problems.

 4). Can a vacuum cleaner be good for cleaning the Laptop fans?

Yes, a Vacuum cleaner is good for cleaning the fans.


If you aren’t concerned about the dust in your Laptop or computer, then it will accumulate in the Laptop cooling holes, as a result, your laptop or computer will get heated, that’s why we have discussed some easy methods that will help you to solve your problem how to clean laptop fan without opening? Read this article carefully to clean your laptop fans easily.

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