How To Check Laptop Model Lenovo? Easy Method 2021

In the above content I have briefly explained to you that how you can get access to the exact model of laptop or any other device like computer etc. because everyone wants to know the model and its specifications. We also show you that if you owned a Lenovo laptop, then how you can access the various information related to the warranty. We want to share more information with you related to Lenovo devices in order to increase your knowledge. So, in today’s article we will be trying to understand you that how you can add a serial number address to Lenovo laptops or system related to Lenovo.

how to check laptop model lenovo
how to check laptop model lenovo

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There are two methods which can be used to check the laptop model and its specifications on the Windows operating system.


This method consists of the following steps.

1). First you need to visit to the support site of Lenovo.

2). After visiting the site, there will be two options it may consist of detect product which will give you information about the product type, the second option will be view PC support in which you have to select the product options (selection of series) to obtain complete information. There are several laptops that had given the name underneath the keyboard, so you can easily find the product name below the keyboard.

3). After selecting the product now you will need to click on the option knowledge base and guides to process further and collect more information.

4). After selecting the knowledge base and guide option, now there will be given the option hardware maintenance manuals, you need to click on it.

5). Now you just need to open the hardware maintenance manual, and after opening click on the specifications option in which you can find all kind of information related to your device like its model name, software programs information, hardware etc.


The second method, have the following steps.

1). First you need to visit the Lenovo product specifications.

2). After selecting the Lenovo product specifications, now you have two options. One is to search the product name and the second one is to go to the left side of your device and click on the menu where you can select the device, you want to find.

3). After performing the above two steps now there will be appeared a specifications list where you can find any type of information.

The above methods are the easiest approach towards the all kind of information related to any Lenovo device.


If you are facing any difficulty regarding how to find the serial number of any Lenovo laptop or device, you need not be to worry because we have given the complete information briefly. So let discuss it

Step IST;

Press on the Windows key of your keyboard, due to which command prompt will be opened. Then press the letter X in order to select the command prompt (Admin).

Step 2nd;

Now type: WMIC BIOS GET SERIAL NUMBER and after this, click on the enter button to proceed further.

If your serial number is coded into your address, then you can see it on the screen.

If you are still confused of to find the serial number of the Lenovo laptop, then you can ask questions related to it.


If you want to know the repair and warranty status of your device, then visited to the support page of Lenovo.

Now you need to select those products about which you want to gain information. You can find your favorite product in search supporting Field.

After selecting your product, there will be a home page appear of the product that you have selected. The home page contain all kind of information related to the product, but you need to focus only on the serial number because it is very important for checking of warranty status.

Now enter your serial number in the search bar and then click on the enter button, from where you can know that how many days are remaining in your device warranty etc.

You can also see more information about warranty by clicking on the view details in which you can know the registration number etc.


First you need to download the Maintenance diskette program software program.

After download Maintenance Diskette Program software now you need to set up to © Drive where you can find the drivers’ folder from where you can install the Maintenance diskette program in your device.

The third step you need to perform is to open the maintenance diskette program that you have already installed it and then run it in order to make a DOS bootable USB.

In 4th step you need to put the DOS bootable USB in your laptop as a result of booted USB Maintenance Diskette program booted automatically.

Now the main Manuel will be to appear here;

There will be an icon of set system identification in which you will be to see three options which are read, add and can move or delete any data to EEPROM. In this you will need to enter the serial number of your Lenovo ThinkPad consisting of 20 digits and then click on the enter button.

Now it’s time to rebooted your device, for this you need to click on the button 9.


In this topic we will show you that how you can FIND the serial number of your computer in case of Windows 10. But along with Windows 10 we can also discuss finding of serial number in Windows 7 and 8.

Step IST;

First you need to open a command prompt window, for this purpose you need to click on the start button and then choose the command prompt window but this is acceptable only to Windows 10 and 8. For Windows 7 you need to press Windows +R at a same time and then just dial emd and press the enter button to proceed further.

Step 2nd;

In this step you need to enter just: WMIC BIOS GET SERIAL NUMBER at the command prompt window where you can get the serial number of your device.

You can also find the serial number in the PC by searching the sticker on it. And inside the sticker there is a serial number.

In the above contents we have simply and clearly explained to you that how you can know about your device or how you can collect all that information’s which are important to you. All the topics are very important but in my point of view the most important thing is the warranty status of Laptops and everyone should need to know about it because it is very beneficial for us. The second most important thing is the update of serial number, so you also need to focus on it. We make this site for you people and always tries to deliver you accurate and fruitful information. If you have any question in your mind you can ask it in the comments section.

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