How To Change Cpu Fan Speed Without Bios? Full Information

In our daily life, if someone works with a cool mind, he will definitely get success, on the other hand, if someone works with a hot mind, his success chances are less, so the same is the case with machines. In a computer, there is a CPU fan that enables your PC to work properly because the CPU is called the Brain of the computer. If the CPU is cool then the computer will be operated smoothly but if the CPU is warm, then the computer will not be working properly. CPU fan speed helps the computer to make it cool and efficient.

Most of the time when we play heavy games or run heavy software programs on the computer, it gets heated, it is because that the CPU fan speed is not in our control, and as soon as we take control of the CPU fan speed everything will be working finely.

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Luckily, we can adjust the computer fan speed through different processes to make sure that our system cannot get heated in case of playing heavy games or running heavy software programs.

Most of the time people change the CPU fan speed in the BIOS which is the most effective method, but sometimes it cannot work properly.

If you are facing problems increasing or decreasing the CPU fan speed, the following methods will help you to solve your difficulties.


How To Change Cpu Fan Speed Without Bios



You can control the CPU fan speed manually, but the manual option is not too effective, you will need to choose the automatic option. And for the automatic option, you will need software to control the fan.

An automatic fan controller software will help you to regulate the temperature of your system, in case if the computer gets heated you can increase the fan speed to remove extra heat and makes the system normal again.

There are different software programs, which can be used to control the computer fan speed, but selecting the right option is a major challenge because a lot of software programs are available. The software you want to use must be compatible with your computer, otherwise, it will be a waste.

There are different software programs used to control the fan speed, but we recommend you to use speed fan software because it is the most widely used and properly working software.


If your computer BIOS are failed to control the fan speed, then there is Speed fan software that will smoothly work for you to increase or decrease the fan speed to make the system normal. It is the most widely used software because a number of people have been using it for years. But it has only one problem, that it is very difficult for the beginners to operate it. You need to be fully experienced before using this software. If you are inexperienced and making mistakes again and again while using this software, your hardware may be damaged.

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Speed fans are not supported by Many computes, so before making intentions of using it, make sure that whether this software is compatible with your computer or not.

We have given the following steps to help you in using the speed fan software.


First, you need to download the Speed fan speed software from the official website, but make sure that the software is the latest because the old version will not be working properly.

 Now install the software and wait for some time until the speed fan is fully installed. After installing the software, click on allow the option to show all the necessary information on the screen.

The information displayed on the screen include the graphics card, different temperature lists for the processor, hard disk, etc. you need to know all the information that displays on the screen and if you are not aware of it, don’t interfere with it until you are fully aware of it. As soon as you are aware of step 1st, move to step second.

STEP #2 – PLAY WITH FANS control

As we said earlier, that is not easy for beginners to use Speed fan software but thanks to its developers who integrated the “automatic fan speeds” option in the software that allows you to control the CPU fan speed automatically. This option will not give you the most accurate result but still, you can control the speed-up to some extent.

For starting automatic fan speeds, * you need to click on the configure button and then chose the advance tab. Now click on the *Chip drop-down menu to select your motherboard chipset.

After completing the above process, now you need to click on the PWM options but all the PWM options must be set to the “Manual”.

STEP #3 – Setting of automatic fan control

If you want to set the maximum and minimum revolutions per minute(RPM) for your fans, click on the configure button, then select the speeds “option. After setting all of it, now click the fan control tab “and set an ideal temperature for your CPU Fans to know whether your changes show some effect or not. But remember, you need to save all the above settings because if you can’t save it, you will start the procedure again, whenever you restart a computer.

At last, click on the temperature tab, this option will speed up or slow down the CPU fan, and it depends on your CPU and how much it warms. If the CPU is too much warm then the speed of the fan will be more, otherwise, the speed will be slow. The other thing you must need to keep in mind is to select the Sensor option because the sensor controls the CPU fan speed. After selecting the sensor, two options will appear at the bottom of the window. One option is required, and the other option is a warning.

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Now with the help of arrow keys, set the desired and warning temperature and then click on ok when you completed everything.

The mentioned procedure is an effective method for HOW TO CHANGE CPU FAN SPEED WITHOUT BIOS? But many computers do not support the speed fan software, in this case, you will need to follow the following procedure.



If you are tired of using different methods for HOW TO CHANGE THE CPU FAN SPEED WITHOUT BIOS? But still do not get a good result, this time you need to focus on the external fan controllers.

External fan controllers help you to manually adjust the temperature and control the CPU fan speeds in the easiest way. If your PC has perfect fan controllers, then it will be working very smoothly and nicely.

There is different type of external fan controllers to buy, but the most effective and efficient are Only two controllers;

– Corsair Commander pro

– Noctuid


1). NOTEBOOK Fan control

This is one of the easiest and simplest software for controlling the fan speed. The interface of this software is user-friendly, so beginners can also use it without any hesitation.


– It can show you the CPU temperature reading along with the speed of the fan.

– sliders are present in this software which can help you to control the CPU fan speed.

– You can enable and disable the fan control service through this software.

– Windows 7,8 and 10 are supported in this software.

2). HW Monitor

This is free software used to control the CPU fan speed.

 Following are the features of the HW Monitor

– It consists of 3 cabinet fans

– It can give you the recorded data of both CPU and cabinet fans in a TXT file.

– This software shows the processor temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

– It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

The HW Monitor fan control software is not a very fascinating software but still, it has amazing features, and more it is free. You can download it from its official website.


This software is also used for controlling fan speed in windows operating system devices.

It does not have too many features as other software programs but still can increase the fan speed with great efficiency.

This software has the following features.

– It can control graphics card fan speed.

– This software can also control the memory and GPU clock speed.

– You can easily manage the speed of fans.

– It is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10.

You can download the ZOTAC FIRESTORM software from its official website.

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A good set up of fans are required for your computer to avoid overheating, but the major problem is that the fans cause too much noise. To avoid this problem, you just need to have a speed fan or PC fan controller. This will help you to control the system temperature and also can avoid noisy problems.

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