can you use bluetooth headphones on a laptop?

can you use bluetooth headphones on a laptop
can you use bluetooth headphones on a laptop

Behind organizing the iPhone 7 plus & iPhone, when bluejacket of headphones was removed in apple, the trademark of beastly was conducting for growing the headphone wireless in the market, to use Bluetooth easily in laptops.

In the 2017, the wireless headphone was being reported to sale this by over 300% before launched the iPhone 7 & iPhone.

That’s why wireless headphone was jump up also in admiration. And if you have a little bit interest in our own that are be curious “Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a laptop “then you read the best way of our site.

As well as the decisions of apple escort in major’s smartphone that manufacture some brands like one plus, Motorola, Google xyloma also need to draw the bluejacket in headphone to be relative their phones.

At this consultant, in Mac computer & windows We will guide you & help you a lot that how to connect Bluetooth headset to your laptop.

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Bluetooth Headphones Paired with Your Laptop

Nearly all laptops these days come with Bluetooth, and it has been continuing since the final 8-10 a long time, and Bluetooth is given in laptops as a must-have network choice.

If you need to know, in case your laptop comes with Bluetooth, at that point I recommend the following steps.


Due to some reasons if you can’t see Bluetooth Radio or you get befuddled within the steps specified over, at that point take the following steps.

* If you’re utilizing Windows 10 then at that point look for ‘Device Manager’ in Taskbar.

* It shows a list of all the components included or associated to your laptop.

* Check in case, you’ll see ‘Bluetooth Radio’ within the list or extend ‘Network Adapters.

* If it’s display at that point Congrats! Your laptop has Bluetooth.

For Mac clients, nearly all MacBook come with Bluetooth; however, to be 100% beyond any doubt, just visit Framework Inclinations and check for Bluetooth alternative.


If you’re not beyond any doubt of your laptop’s model number, then invert your laptop; and on its base, you’ll be able to see sticker that shows laptop’s crucial data like Model Number, Serial Number, Bar Code, Item ID, Portable workstation series and so on like seen within the picture below.

The stickers of all laptops will Not the same because it changes from brand to brand and series to series, but actually laptop’s series name and model name will be display.

Once you’ve got that you can now simply check your laptop’s details by either Googling or going to the manufacturer’s site.

Once you know that your laptop has Bluetooth, you’ll be able to take the following steps.

For a few rare cases, your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth; at that point you’ll bounce to this segment.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Laptop?

I’ve separated this segment into two parts: Windows and Mac.

Check the parts concurring to your necessities.


*  Seek for ‘Bluetooth’ in Taskbar Search Bar and then open the Bluetooth Settings.

*  Turn On Bluetooth within the settings and at the same time begin your Bluetooth/Wireless Headphone.

*   Most Wireless/Bluetooth earphones consequently go into pairing mode when turned on and if it is not   going to pairing mode, then at that point set it to Pairing mode.

*   Within few seconds, your laptop will identify and show your Wireless Headphone’s name.

*   Select it and begin the connection.

*   Voila, your address of Can I interface Bluetooth Earphones on a Laptop is solved (at slightest for Windows).

Join Bluetooth headphones to laptop on Mac OS

Just open all the systems tools in your Mac Book & also open the Bluetooth settings.

For spot lighting search you can tap “Space command + keys” And as well as type the enter key & open the Bluetooth settings.

When you open the Bluetooth settings & turn on the Bluetooth the laptops will be automatically searching about Bluetooth device.

You must wait for your MacBook to analyze your Bluetooth headphone by turn on the Bluetooth settings.

Best wishes! If you are followed these rules, then you can easily connect your Bluetooth headset to laptops.

The other case: Laptop without Bluetooth

In some situations, if you wanna connect your Bluetooth headphones to PC or laptop & you don’t have Bluetooth so no worry about that we will telling you below:

On we have a lot of cheap Bluetooth adapters available in less amount less than $10 which can Approve your need to connect Bluetooth to laptops. Pairing Bluetooth headphones to PC; Some of them are not So good in sound quality so you must be check this at time.

We also have a second option for connecting who was Bluetooth transmitter/receiver due to this you connect to TV. So wireless headphones are the best way to connect to laptop or TV.

They also provide you a less Apex technology, due to this they will stop your audio for behinding & doesn’t have issues.

Further, Bluetooth transmitter/ receiver also allowed you the High quality Bluetooth to transmitter by over music.


To follow these steps, you will must need for Bluetooth transmitter/receiver.

First of all, connect your Bluetooth transmitter to laptops by providing cable.

Then turn on your Bluetooth transmitter/receiver & fixed set into transmitter mode.

Turning on your Bluetooth headphone & be waited for transmitter & Bluetooth headphones to connect them.

LED & Bluetooth devices will flicker automatically by pairing. First they will pair the LED then they flicker for 3.5sec.

Once they finish, then you play music etc. in your laptop/ Pc Check these they will be working great full.


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