10 Best Laptop For Web Browsing – Best Reviews Laptops 2021

Nowadays web browsing is becomes the essential part of everyone lives because if you face any difficulty regarding your work then you can easily search it on Google etc. So, in that way it can cover all your tasks. For web browsing devices you not need an HD display or a huge storage but requires just those laptops which are according to your work, cost and weigh etc. because if you can’t afford high quality device and insisted on to buy this one then definitely it will be harmful for you. So buy devices according to your needs.

If you are confused while buying the best device for web browsing, then the following information will be very beneficial for you while selecting the best device.

1). For web browsing, you must have a device whose RAM is 2 GB or more.

2). In terms of storage, your device must have 128 GB or extra storage to browse smoothly.

3). The display size must be 13 inches or more.

4). The processor of your device must be core i3 or higher for quick performance.

5). Minimum 2 hours or more than 2 hours battery are essential for browsing.

You cannot use your laptop only for browsing, but you can also accomplish other important tasks. We are given the list of all those devices that is not only perfect for web browsing but can also be used for other tasks So, let discuss all these devices one by one;

best laptops for web browsing



List of 10 Best laptop for web browsing

1: Apple MacBook Pro

Apple is the name of quality and MacBook Pro is among one of them. It comes with beautiful Retina display Along with the latest technology. The battery timing of these devices are awesome and its powerful performance makes it more valuable. The weight of these devices are extremely light and its Design is too attractive towards everyone. Touch screen has integrated into this model which makes it the best laptop for web browsing and steaming.

2: Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5 is an elegant, fast processor laptop that beat every device in terms of performance. IPs display has given in this device along with excellent Battery life. The RAM and Storage of this device are very high which makes it the best laptop for watching movies and internet. The cooling system of this device is perfect, you will not be felt heat after using it for the long time.

3: Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook is an all-round Laptop that fulfill every need of your life. The most important features of this device is their powerful performance and good Battery life, and that’s the reason why this laptop is considered to be the best Laptop for internet browsing. It is made up of high quality materials and has a stylish design. It is very lightweight which can easily be carried to anywhere. You will never be disappointed by its RAM and storage.

4: Dell Inspiron i5

Dell Inspiron 15 is considered to be the best Laptop for seniors because of its huge storage, so what else older ones can want.? The powerful processor has given in this device with decent Battery life. You can enjoy its HD and wider screen. It is not too heavy, so easily be carried to anywhere. Its High RAM will make it faster.

5: ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 is also of the best device in terms of performance. The design of this device is too elegant which provides a very attractive look. You can enjoy its Battery up to 11 hours, which is awesome. It has HD display along with High RAM and storage. Due to these features this Device becomes the best laptop for web browsing and Microsoft Office.

6: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is one of the best Laptop for web browsing and streaming because of its fast and efficient processor. The main thing is that you can use it both as a tablet and laptop. It is very light which becomes very easy while carrying. The keyboard of this laptop is so comfortable which will give you full relaxation after longer use. It has good RAM and storage.

7: Samsung Chromebook Plus

Samsung Chromebook Plus offers a super Lightweight and simple operating Chromebook that is suitable for basic tasks such as browsing etc. and due to this, this device becomes the best Laptop for internet browsing. The screen given in this device is awesome, also its processor is very fast. Pen stylus is given, so you can use it for drawing etc. The RAM and storage are also good enough for daily tasks.

8: Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo Chromebook C330is one of the best Chromebook of Lenovo because of its newest features. The most important factor is the Battery life and this device offers you Battery timing of 8 to 12 hours. You can easily and quickly perform any task because of its high RAM. It has High resolution display which makes it the best laptop for web browsing and watching movies.

9: HP Premium 15

HP Premium 15 also comes with the latest and awesome features. First, its wider and HD display along with 10 generation processor which makes it one of the best laptop for web browsing and steaming. It offers fast performance and its beautiful design attracts every one towards itself. It is very lightweight and very effective cooling system has integrated into this device. The strong Connectivity system is also its main feature.

10: New Apple MacBook Pro

It is very difficult to beat Apple products and the same is the case with New Apple MacBook Pro. The display given in this device is very brighter which gives excellent outcome. The keyboard of this device is magical, you can easily access to every function of the laptop through this. If we said it the best laptop for web browsing and Microsoft Office, then it will be the great choice Because of the above features and its faster and powerful processor. It has louder speakers along with perfect cooling system.