10 Best Laptops For Real Estate Agents (2021)

From long period of time, people start their businesses and it gradually increases with respect to time but when technology grow up, it changes the lives of people as well as their businesses. Computer is the major product of technology’s history and it gradually changes to Laptops, Mobile’s etc., as time passes.

For a long period, people start their businesses and it gradually increases concerning time but when technology grows up, it changes the lives of people as well as their businesses.

The computer is the major product of technology’s history and it gradually changes to Laptops, Mobile’s etc., as time passes.

Some laptop’s requirement list is given below which is good for reals estate agents.


The performance of the laptop mainly depends on the RAM and processing unit because you perform daily basis tasks such as, browsing, typing, reading, etc. on a laptop through the RAM and processing unit.

High quality and HD display is also required for a laptop to perform its function well, and you can use the best graphics card unit to improve the quality of display.


The storage space is the main feature of any laptop because you can do nothing without storage. So, for a good real estate agent, you must require a huge amount of space to save all your data safely.


The power life enables you to check the battery capacity of your laptop because you just need to buy that type of laptop, whose battery can be long-lasting.

Now we are going to discuss Some laptop’s list. That’s are given below which is good for reals estate agent.

best laptop for real estate agent


  4. LENOVO Flex 5
  5. Apple MacBook pro
  6. DELL G5587-7866BLK
  7. ASUS C201 Chromebook*
  8. ASUS Zen book 13
  9. Acer Spin 5
  10. Dell XPS 15 Touch




This laptop has 12.3 inches display along with pixel sense technology, which enables more than one individual to perform at the same time.

The resolution of this laptop display is very high which is 2736 × 1824. And, this is a good point for a real estate agent, which attract customers towards itself.


i7-3960X processor is given in this laptop and its capacity can be increased up to 3.9GHz. These Laptops are six cores processor which enable the laptop to perform so many operations at the same time.


This laptop has 16 GB of RAM and the combination of the i7-3960X processor with this RAM enable’s laptop more fast and smooth.


1 TB SSD Storage is given in this laptop and it is considered as one of the best storage, because of the following two reasons.

The first reason is that it doesn’t require high power, because it can easily connect to the laptop motherboard.

The second reason is that it works fastly and the applications installed in this can easily be loaded.


Intel UHD Graphics 620 is given in this laptop which helps you to see a high-quality display with a low cost.

OS – Windows

Windows 10 are operated in these laptops.


You can use the battery life of this laptop for 13.5 hours.



The display of this laptop is 13 inches along with a resolution of 2k, which provides a crystal clear view.

This laptop consists of gorilla glass which enables it to protect from any damage.

This laptop is present on 3rd position among the best laptops list for a good estate agent.


The Intel Core i7-7500U processor is present in this laptop along with two cores. its frequency capacity is from 2.70GHz to 3.50GHz.

The main Advantage of this laptop is that it uses less power.


This laptop has 8 GB RAM. The RAM is used for two reasons.one is to improve its speed and the second one is to use less power.


512 SSD storage is given in this laptop and the major advantage of SSD Storage is, to load any file quickly along with amazing performance. It also helps to use less power.


The graphics given in this laptop is Intel HD graphics 620 which helps to improve display quality along with its performance.


Windows 10 are operated in these laptops which enable you to download a lot of applications.


A secure login is one of the best features of this laptop. No one can reach your laptop until your fingerprint allows it to open it. Along with safe login, it also makes you consume less time.



The display of this laptop consist of multiple technologies. It consists of HD graphics as well as you can enjoy media from different angles.

The gorilla Glass save’s your laptop from damaging in case of fall. This Laptop has a touch screen, so you can also use it if keyboard is not available.


8th generation processor is enable in this laptop which is Intel Core i7-8550U.This processor performs too quick and its frequency capacity is from 1.8 GHz to 4 GHz.


This laptop has 16 GB of RAM. It operates very fast when combine with processor. The RAM of this laptop is too good, which can easily fulfill your daily tasks.


The storage given in this laptop is 512 GB Which works very smooth and quick.

This feature will take only one to two seconds to load all your programs. So, in this way you will get extra time to do something else.GRAPHICS

The graphics given in this laptop is Intel UHD Graphics 620, which only work with the help of RAM and PROCESSOR.

This is a very good point because if it consists of different RAM and processor, then it will drain your battery faster.


Windows 10 is operating in this laptop. The main

feature of this window is their strong security protection. 


This laptop can also be use as a tablet because touch screen display is given, so in the absence of keyboard it acts as a tablet and in the presence of keyboard it act as a laptop.


You can use this laptop for 14 hours, so you can do your work without any hesitation.

4: LENOVO Flex 5


Lenovo Flex 5 Laptops are minimum in size it has 15.6 inches Full HD display also The newest technology used these screens which were touched and have a clear display. This laptop is very well as compared to other analytical laptops, if you want to see every angle of this laptop no problems will face you, they are internally and externally both looking charming.


Lenovo Flex 5 laptops have 8th Generation of Intel Core i5 Processor, they can run 1.6GHz & will magnify in 3.4GHz. Any other operations this laptop was measured in 15W processor that’s all due to its model who are i5_8250U.


The RAM in this laptop according to the DDR4 only 8 GB will present on this laptop. Due to these operations your PC will work faster and can clearly store your all personal data which you want to store on your laptop. The work of RAM is also they can be spacing in storage that you easily save your data more and more, they will completely do your task without any issues.


As well as we will discuss you about the secondary storage of LENOVO Flex 5 laptop that how much capacity they have internally. So Lenovo laptop has 256GB OF SSD storage which will easily run with technology in limited SDD. As well as the secondary storage device has full fast speed as compared to other hard disk laptops in previous editions. the main point of this laptop automatically they will reduce the extra activities run in PC will control battery timing.


The main reason is to run your journey on real estate agent is no PC will run if they have no install a windows. Many Laptops was run in different windows but Lenovo laptop is the one who will operate the window 10. And can easily be expected that they will give you perfect security & the best features of laptops by this laptop will going be amazing with the passage of time and can give you such a good battery life consumption.


The graphics designing of this laptop was integrated with the UHD graphics 620 chip card. The work of GPU is they will check your all activities running in a laptop and will give you amazing results.


You will be used this laptop on every situation because they look very smart and as well as you will also use this laptop on tablet form which was more amazing. There will be no specs of other laptops as well as their unique features it will simply easy your using of laptops.


The battery life of LENOVO Flex 5 laptop is up to 5 hours was very enough for the user because it will do your work perfectly. And that’s how you will be used this laptop for long purpose.

5: Apple MacBook pro


The display size of this laptop is a maximum of 13 inches and will give you a perfect clarity. Apple MacBook Pro was the most familiar and enticing Laptop for a real estate agent. Many of company will use this laptop especially the screen display & they can obtain too many benefits from it. This laptop will automatically be showing the accurate colors which were available in laptops.

Maximum 300 of pixels will show you clean clarity of different colours.


The 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor with 2.3 GHz will store your all data in computer. This was an interesting laptop as compared with another laptop because it will give you a good result and Processing of this laptop is also nice.


Apple MacBook Pro has 8 GB of RAM who will perform very well in the system and run all the software & hardware. It will stored data be safe in files. So it is our humble request for you that you have to no worry about Apple MacBook pro it was the stunning laptop ever.


Like always in apple MacBook pro have 256 GB OF storage take place. It was great full for the operating system and other hardware/ software. As well as the options are present in this laptop that where you will be stored all the data you want. Due to harmonize you will be stored your data or upload in PC.


Apple MacBook Pro has 640 graphics unit card & Intel Iris plus was consolidating this in laptops. In laptops, it will perform stunning when’s you are working on a graphics card.

They are very less that’s why it will give you a reduced result.


Mac based was the main character of this laptop due to Mac based they are running very fastly as well as working very fast. For more innovative they are produced.


In normal conditions, Apple MacBook pro was giving you 10 hours of charging to your laptop. That’s how it gives too large charging due to their hardware and software it was the main point in this laptop.

6: DELL G5587-7866BLK


This laptop has 15.6 inches HD display which allow you to watch every content very clearly. You can view the screen of this laptop from many angles.

This laptop has Intel i7-8750H processor which improve its speed and performance. Also it’s processor is made up of in such a way that it performs well and cost less.


16 GB of RAM is given in this laptop. As it has high RAM, so it performs very fast and effectively. You can perform heavy tasks very easily.


128 GB storage is given along with 1 TB Hard drive. You need to save all your data in hard drive except of windows and software which will be save in SSD storage.


Window 1O is operate in this laptop. This window not only increases the speed of laptop but also provide it full security.

7: ASUS C201 Chromebook*

If you are not able to afford expensive laptops, then this laptop will be a good choice for you.

The price of ASUS C201 Chromebook is round about 400$ which is not too much in front of its performance. But you must know about the fact that it operates on chrome system.

Chrome system is different from OS system in such a way, that in chrome system everything is run by Google while in OS system nothing like these. You can install any type of application through chrome store.

The weight of this Chromebook is 2 pounds, so you can easily carry it with yourself in time of travels. The battery timing of this Chromebook is also good which is 10 hours. So, if you have any important meetings then don’t worry about the charge because you can use it for the whole day.

This Chromebook is required internet connection, So, for this purpose 802.11ac Wireless connection is given which works fastly.

The display size of this Chromebook is 11.6 inches. It has a 4 GB of RAM along with 16 GB Storage, which works very fast and can run many tasks at a same time without any delay.

8: ASUS Zen book 13

If you are searching for a laptop whose cost is under 800$ and its performance is also too good, then their will be no better choice than Asus Zen book 13 because it contains all those qualities which can fulfill our daily tasks.

Zenbook 13 can run multiple of tabs without any hesitation. It run any web browsing very smoothly.

The weight of this laptop is 2.6 pounds which can easily be carried from one place to another.13.3 inches display is given in this laptop along with resolution of 1080 pixels. Anti-glare display technology is also given in this laptop. This laptop can provide view from any angle.

Windows 10 have installed in this laptop which works smoothly. It has 8 GB of RAM and it also consist of 256 SSD Storage which can be extended.2 USB Ports are also given in this laptop.

Their 12 hours battery life can allow you to perform daily. If you are looking for a laptop whose battery life is amazing, then there will be no better choice than this one.

9: Acer Spin 5

If you are searching for a laptop which is good for real estate, light in weight, smooth and slim with an amazing performance, then this will be a good choice.

This laptop has 13.3 inches HD display which can provide you view from any angle.

This laptop has 8 GB of RAM along with 256 GB storage which enable you to perform your daily work easily. You will not be face lagging problems in this laptop.

Windows 10 is operating in this laptop along with intel core i5 processor which boost its speed up to maximum extent. With the help of this processor you can perform heavy tasks at a same time. You can use the battery of this laptop for 10 hours. So, you can easily perform your daily work.

Wireless technology is also given in this laptop to access to Internet easily.

10: Dell XPS 15 Touch

If you want to buy a best laptop without any cost consideration, then Dell XPS 15 Touch will be the best choice.

It comes with an amazing display and the bezels around this makes it more attractive towards clients. You will cannot find too many laptops of few bezels feature in the market.

This laptop is a very good choice for real estate agent. The storage of this laptop is 512 GB SSD Along with 16 GB of RAM which upgraded the overall system of laptop very nicely. This laptop had Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor.

The game lovers can also buy this laptop because you can play any game with good graphics through this laptop.

This laptop creates a noisy environment while playing games so, you must need to keep this issue in mind before buying the laptop.

If we compare this laptop with other ones, then this one might be a little bit heavy because it’s weight is 3.9 pounds which is 1.7 kg.

Multiple USB ports is given in this laptop to provide more connectivity Bluetooth is also given in this laptop. The keyboard of this laptop is so amazing which enable you to feel comfortable while typing.

You can enjoy 6 hours of battery life on this powerful laptop which is very good.


The final verdict of the best laptop for real estate agents is usually you will be selected that kinds of laptop which will help you a lot and we will fully explained all the features of the 10 best laptop for real estate agents so before buy a best laptop first concentrate on our article then going to market. We hope about all of our articles you will be no issue & after all if you are in problem then you will contact our team easily. Good luck

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