10 Best Laptops For Playing Roblox (2021)

Nowadays buying a good laptop for Roblox is not a major problem because you can easily get it even at a low cost. Every game lover is searching for the best Roblox laptop. Roblox is an online platform for those who create games and playing those games which are design by others. Approximately 100 million people use Roblox every month.

1GB of RAM,2.O Graphics card,1.6 GHz processor, and 20 GB of minimum storage is necessary for The Roblox system.

Below there is a list given for the Roblox laptops, where you can find any variety at low cost.

best laptops for playing roblox


  • New Apple MacBook Pro
  • LENOVO Y700
  • Huawei MateBook X Pro
  • Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop
  • Acer Predator Helios 700 gaming laptop
  • Asus ZenBook 15
  • Acer Aspire E 15
  • Dell G5587 Gaming Laptop 15.6″ LED Display


1:  New Apple MacBook Pro

Apple is one of the most famous labels in electronic markets because apple devices enable you to complete every task very easily and Apple MacBook Pro is one of them. The main feature redesigned in this laptop is their processing system because speed depends on the processor. Intel Core i7 processor is given in this laptop along with 6 cores and 6 cores are more than enough to run a game very smoothly, so this is the best laptop for game use. Apple says that MacBook pro contains the ever most powerful port and their claim is right because they won the award for the most powerful port.

Apple MacBook Pro is incorporated by thunderbolt 3 which helps you to transfer your data as well as charge your laptop. Along with Thunderbolt 3, four Ports are also given which allow you to connect external devices with your laptop through cable. The most amazing feature of this 16-inch laptop is its T2 security chip which helps you to control all your systems including SSD, Audio, and system management controller. The battery life of this laptop is 11 hours which allows you to play any game for a long time without taking care of the charge.


  1. It consists of an intel core i7 processor.
  2. This laptop consists of a most powerful port.
  3. Four Ports are given in this laptop.
  4. The display of this laptop is 16 inches.
  5. T2 security chip also integrated into this laptop to control all your system.
  6. The battery life of this laptop is 11 hours.

2: LENOVO Y700

Before buying a gaming laptop you must have considered some instructions which are, when we are playing a game on the laptop, we constantly look to the screen for many hours which damages our eyes very badly. So, along with the features like RAM, Processor, Storage, etc., you must also need to check the screen type. So, for this reason you have to need to buy a matte screen laptop that will save your eyes from the harmful effect of glare. This gaming laptop has all those amazing features which are required for any game to play. As well as THIS LAPTOP IS BEST FOR HOME USE that kinds of laptop have also an affordable cost.

1 TB hard drive and 512 GB SSD are integrated into this laptop which provides you a lot of space and you can easily store and install all your favorite games. Multiple ports are given in this laptop which allow you to connect external devices with it along with share and transfer your data. Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core processor with a frequency up to 2.6 GHz is given in this laptop, which performs very fast. Fast processing speed makes this laptop unique from others. This laptop is beneficial for all not only for gamers. Lenovo thoroughly works on the screen to make it medium, not too large nor too small. Lenovo also makes a huge notebook screen of this laptop to give relaxation to the users.


  1. This laptop consists of a matte screen.
  2. It consists of 1 TB hard drive and 512 GB SSD Storage.
  3. An Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-core processor is given in this laptop along with a 2.6 GHz frequency.
  4. Affordable
  5. Smooth

3: Huawei MateBook X Pro

The secure login system is the most important feature of any MateBook. For this reason, Huawei integrated a very quick and safe login system in this MateBook to provide more security to it. Which is a very good step taken by Huawei. you can power up and log in to this MateBook in just 7.8 seconds. The BEST LAPTOP FOR GAMING & this technology plays a major role in security issues as well as help you to reach to high processing games. The supportive software and extra features of this MateBook are so helpful especially in travels where you don’t want to carry too many things. Multiple ports are given in this MateBook which helps you to connect external devices with your MateBook.

Battery timing of Huawei notebook is also impressive. you can use 12 hours battery for videos, 14 hours for office work, and 15 hours for browsing etc. which enable you to not care about charging for the whole day. The weight of this laptop is 2.93 pounds along with 0.57 inch. The lightweight and slimness makes this laptop unique. The diamond-cut edges and slim steel body makes it too attractive for clients. The Intel Core i7 8550U/i5 8250U processor of 8th generation is integrated into this laptop which is the main cause of its fast speed. The keyboard of this laptop contains a pop-up web camera, which appears when you needed it.


  1. Strong security system given in this laptop.
  2. This laptop can be login in a seconds.
  3. It contains multiple ports.
  4. This laptop has 2.93 pounds of weight.
  5. Good battery timing
  6. Intel Core i7 8550U/i5 8250U processor
  7. Slim

4: Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade 15 is an amazing gaming laptop. This laptop is designed to run PC games quickly and smoothly. This laptop contains an Intel Core i7-8750H processor along with its 4.1 GHz frequency capacity. The Processor of this laptop consists of 6 core which is the very best choice for gaming and can increase the speed within no time. The processing speed is very high which can play any game of any graphics without any lag. This laptop contains an advanced control system that allows you to secure all your laptop data.so this laptop also has a good privacy system.

The system memory of this laptop is 16 GB and that of storage is 512 GB SSD. You can increase the system memory up to 64 GB and storage up to 2 TB. So, this amazing feature provides you a huge amount of space for all your data. ROBLOX GAME PLAY for the smooth, quicker, and exact development of your fingers, exact, expansive, and clickable glass Microsoft accuracy empowers touchpad prepared to the gadget with the Razer Chroma i.e., 16.8 million colors per-key RGB lightning included to the gaming laptop. The smoother the video display, smoother will be the game because a smooth display cannot lag a game, even for seconds.


  1. This laptop is integrated with the latest technology.
  2. Intel Core i7-8750H 6 core processor is given in this laptop with a frequency range of 4.1 GHz.
  3. High speed
  4. Channel memory consist of 16 GB can be boosted up to 64 GB.
  5. Storage 512 SSD, can be boosted up to 2TB.
  6. Smoother display

5: Acer Predator Helios 700 gaming laptop

Excusing you the total control of your game, Acer coordinates an extreme device within the laptop that permits you to customize the gaming involvement from anyplace. You can play games easily through this laptop because of its super quick performance. An intel core i7-9750H processor of 6 core is given in this laptop which increases the speed and quality of this laptop. This laptop has a 9th generation. The main quality of this laptop is their screen tearing elimination, which should be integrated in every laptop. This laptop contains amazing features along with their 17.3 inches display which provides an awesome view from different angles.

This laptop has made in such type of design that can give you convenience while playing with keyboard and mouse. The keyboard of this laptop has WASD keys which enables you to feel comfortable while typing. The most important thing about playing games is the faster Wi-Fi. Before buying a laptop you must have checked their Wi-Fi speeds. Acer Predator has amazing Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 which is very fast and can get rid of to you from lagging. The most amazing fact about this laptop is that it is incorporated with the keyboard slide out. This laptop is in real create for Roblox, which means that gamers can use it very smoothly and efficiently.


  1. This laptop has an Intel Core i7-9750H 6-core processor.
  2. Screen tearing elimination feature is also given in this laptop.
  3. It has 17.3 inches display.
  4. This laptop has a reliable keyboard.

6: Asus ZenBook 15

Asus ZenBook 15 is not only designed for one purpose, but it is designed to perform multiple tasks at a same time. Heavy tasks at a same time cannot effect its performance. This laptop is the best choice for gaming because its processing speed is very high. It also transfers files very quickly. Along with all amazing features this laptop looks so attractive because of its Nano edge display.4K UHD Nano edge display makes it unique among other laptops. Profound dark and ultra-vivid colors that OLED touchscreen conveys add magnificence to this amazing laptop. Each corner of Asus ZenBook looks very classy. For encountering multi-windows, drag an app or any window onto the app switcher symbol and dispatch that app on your screenplay. With the utilization of this innovation, you’ll do different things at a same time.

PRESTON PLAYING ROBLOX for using seeing involvement or maximizing screen to auxiliary display screen cushion additionally, you’ll be able to drop an app onto the viewMax. Fundamentally, this screen cushion additionally is included to the Asus ZenBook pro for an assignment group, stylus prepared, app pilot, app switcher, and veiwMax. This laptop also offers you one-year warranty in case of damaging, and this warranty is not given in other laptops. IR camera of this laptop enables you to unlock your laptop through face. And the battery timing of this laptop is also too good that can allow you to play games constantly.


  1. Fast
  2. Slim
  3. Face unlock.
  4. Good battery timing.

7: Acer Aspire E 15

If you want to buy the laptop whose cost is minimum as well as good for Roblox or any other games, then Acer Aspire E 15, is the best choice for you. ROBLOX GAMES through this laptop you not only play games but can also design your own games that you can upload on Roblox system for others. Quad-Core Intel Core i5 processor of 8th generation is a given in this laptop along with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

The Acer Try E 15 E5-576G-5762 is at best of the list among the best laptops that can be utilized for any reason together with playing Roblox and LOL too at the most elevated settings with exceptionally high and steady FPS. This laptop has matte finishing screen which protect your eyes from harmful effects. This laptop has 15.6 inches display. If you are searching for a low budget gaming laptop, then this one will be a good choice along with It’s amazing features. The battery life of this laptop is 15 hours which allow you to play games constantly. Optical drive is also given on this laptop.


  1. This laptop has 15.6 inches display along with resolution of 19290×1080 pixels.
  2. 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U has used in this laptop which makes it super fast.
  3. 8 GB of RAM is given along with 256 GB SSD Storage.
  4. Windows 10 is operated in this laptop.
  5. Their weight is 5.27 pounds (2.39 kg).
  6. This laptop has 15 hours battery time.


Asus VivoBook S laptop was the most beautiful laptop for playing Roblox, some laptop has cheaper in price but as compared to others the Asus VivoBook S laptop is not like them, it has higher price. As this laptop you can calling very easy to others person because the lightweight of this laptop are so thin. This laptop was only applicable for those people who just wanted to did our work or other graphics designed, and as well as it is also good for that type of user who was

traveling to other country etc. or may after they wanna upload something on this laptop like play games etc. on Roblox. It was very best laptop when you are traveling and need a laptop, so Asus VivoBook S was your favorite choice. You will buy this laptop at very high price but they will never on issue because all the specs of this laptop were useful.

This laptop was perfect for Roblox games due its features it can control all the activities of the media files. Asus VivoBook S laptop has come with 8th generation of Intel core i7 processor, it have 256 GB of SSD storage & for faster the functions of laptops it have best 8GB of RAM. If you want to increase your memory storage, then you will upgrade the slot to laptops. The Many more laptop have high of size large display but as compared to others this one is very less in size because of Roblox games , that’s why everyone needed a laptop like Asus VivoBook S , The most stunning display have come of this laptop is maximum 14 inches who were enough to give you a clear picture. This laptop has composed to NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU to improve your games in LAPTOPS. So for that kinds of laptop which were completely satisfied your work you will needed to buy a laptop like Asus VivoBook S from any angle looking perfect.


  1. It Have DDR4 8 GB of RAM.
  2. Memory storage (256GB SSD)
  3. It has 3.2lbs speed
  4. Resolution of this laptop are 1080×1920
  5. These laptops come has Intel core i7 Processor with 8th editions.
  6. Up to 8 hours is their battery timing.

9: Dell G5587 Gaming Laptop 15.6″ LED Display

Dell G5587 was the best laptop that’s why it is located in the 9th position on our list. There are many laptops for playing but BEST LAPTOP FOR PLAYING ROBLOX was also Dell G5587. This is the most fabulous laptop and the speed of this laptop is very fast, these laptops come with the 8th generation of Intel core i7 Processor as well as the internal speed of this laptop is also good and very fast. Definitely the 3.9 GHz is their high clock processor & to run the laptops too faster it has DDR4 16GB of RAM. This laptop have very great full storage, the self-storage of this laptop is maximum 128GB SSD but for more & more storage we have also 1TB hard disk that you can easily use in your laptops.

This was upgrade in NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti, if you need for while more storage then 4GB of DDR5 RAM was also present in Dell G5587 laptop. It have full HD display and will give you clear result of videos gaming etc. The 4k display and HDMI port cables was present in this laptop which will be showed on screen. It have alot of graphics designing display, that’s how we can tell that this was the best laptop for playing Roblox. For more information, thunderbolt port was also working in this laptop which were available in laptops for your help. Simply at last there are no laptop like Dell so it’s you perfect and best regards of your day buy Dell laptop and enjoy to play everything on paying Roblox.


  1. It have the 8th Generation of Intel core i7_8750H processor .
  2. It have full antiglare IPS HD display of 15.6 inch.
  3. Very fast 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  4. SSD storage (128GB)
  5. OS (Windows 10)
  6. Battery life ( 8 hours )


Huawei Kepler MateBook D is a premium quality laptop. Along with its quality it is also smart, alluring, thin, and lightweight. This is a good laptop, particularly for those clients who want to play Roblox and spent most of their time on the move.  Its metallic body is exceptionally smooth and its Spiritualist Silver color is exceptionally eye-catching. It is the only laptop include in this list that’s stacked with an AMD processor. A Quad-Core AMD Ryzen 5 2500U is encased within the wonderful chassis of this slim laptop. This AMD CPU has 2GHz clock speed. It has 8 GB of RAM along with 256 GB Storage, which can save all your important data.

This laptop has a 14 inches (ca. 36 cm) display along with full HD Touchscreen having a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. This screen is also exceptionally thin and solid body plan. It’s other high-quality characteristics make it enables for a gaming show screen. Multiple ports are given in this laptop along with touchpad keyboard. The battery capacity of this laptop has 12 hours which can perform your daily task easily.


  1. This laptop has 14 inches (ca. 36 cm) touchscreen HD display.
  2. Quad-Core AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processors is given in this laptop along with clock speed of 2GHz.
  3. It has 8 GB of RAM.
  4. It has 256 GB SSD Storage.
  5. Their weight is 3.5 pounds (1.59 kg).
  6. This laptop has 12 hours battery capacity.

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