12 Best Laptops For Oculus Rift [based On Extensive Research] 2021

In today’s era everyone wants to enjoy a 3D environment, and if you are among one of them, do nothing, just bought a VR headset and also make sure that you have a powerful device in order to connect the VR Device with them. You can also use PC for this purpose, but the most suitable device is Laptop, because Laptops are lightweight and can be carried to anywhere, so you can enjoy the 3D environment anywhere.

We researched on so many laptops, that is capable of using VR headset and among them, we select the few ones that is briefly described in our article. But before going to detail, we must understand some requirements that is essential for every laptop to enjoy a 3D environment on it.


1). If the Laptop consists of Intel Core i7 or above Processor, then it is suitable for using virtual reality headsets.

2). The laptop must have a RAM of 16 GB or more.

3). The Storage require to connect with VR headset must be 128 GB or more.

Below we are given the list of those Laptops that will help you to enjoy different apps, videos and 360 degree games through VR headset.

best laptops for oculus rift


Let’s discuss them one by one;

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