10 Best Free Operating System For Laptop Recommendation 2021

best free operating system for laptop


If you are searching for an operating system that is the best alternatives to windows, then we will provide you with a strong operating systems list. Linux is also the good alternative to Windows but along with Linux there are other operating systems that are strong alternatives to windows, let’s discuss all these one by one;


Linux is available universally and also it has free and that’s the reason why this operating system is a great choice for everyone. The most popular operating system of Linux is Linux Mint which can be used as a free alternative to windows. But if you want to have a Mac operating system then Elementary OS will be the best choice for you. Linux is one of the best alternative operating system for windows because it is very perfect.


Chrome OS is another good alternative offered by google integrated in low-cost devices known as Chrome Books. you can download it free. It is one of the best choice for using web browsing, word processing and social networking. Its performance is not too good in media editing and gaming, you must install another operating system if you are fond of gaming and media editing. If LINUX is not a suitable choice for you and looking for another easy alternative, then Chrome OS will be the best for you.

3) FreeBSD

FreeBSD is another good operating system which mainly works on speed, performance and features. FreeBSD provided you an advance networking along with security features that makes it the best operating system. Networking and security features are still missing in many stronger operating systems. Along with these features, it also provided you with a powerful internet solution that allows you to perform many heavy loads at the same time. FreeBSD runs a huge amount of different applications for desktop server etc. Its installation is very easily you can install it from different media like CD etc.

4) FreeDOS

The concept of multitasking is very common in modern operating systems but not in FreeDOS. The OS which depends on FreeDOS is very different from windows. This operating system is specially designed to run older games and applications, also helps you to connect easily to the network. It is also very useful for recovering old data. If you have a modern desktop or an older one, you can easily enjoy this. FreeDOS is an awesome choice for you if you want to enjoy the 80s or 90s computing system.

5) illumos

The illumos is another operating system, which was presented on August 3, 2010. This was designed by Solaris engineers after a hard effort. The OpenIndiana operating sure depends on illumes.

The main features of the illumos operating system are;

1) To provide a high level of data integrity.

2) To provide advance techniques for virtualization technology.

This operating system is free to use and can be installed easily.

6) ReactOS

ReactOS is another free and open-sourced software, used as a replacement of windows for different purposes. It is mainly used to provide support to different applications and drivers. Originally this operating system was introduced in 1996 and that time the statement given by its official website is;

“The main purpose of ReactOS is to remove windows and installed ReactOS without noticing any change”

means that the work of your PC will be the same as of windows after installing ReactOS.

You can run some applications through this operating system like adobe player but cannot run too many. It does not require a lot of hard disk space and RAM. It needs just 500 MB hard disk space and 96 MB of RAM. With the passage of time, it might become one of the best-operating systems as a replacement of windows but still, you can install it as an alternative to Windows.

7) Haiku

Haiku is another open-source and free operating system that was introduced in 2001. From its introducing time, it developed continuously and make a better place in the computing world. It runs different applications, among them some are very common like VLC media player.

The main purpose of Haiku is to create such type of operating system that can be used anyone very easily and can improve the performance of older computers. It can easily be installed and requires 1 GB of hard disk space.

If you are searching for the best alternative to windows, then this one will not be a bad choice.

8) MorphOS

MorphOS is also a good operating system. The main features of this operating system is its lightweight, high efficiency and flexibility. The components included in this system are primarily as well as open-source.

Some main advantages of this operating system are;

1) To cover big storage devices

2) Offers you easy access to your favorite folders.

3) provides you an amazing visual effects.

4) The systems of files are advanced.

5) It supports multiple of icon formats.

Overall, it is also a good alternative for windows.

9) MenuetOS

MenuetOS is another multiprocessor operating system introduces for 32 bit and 64-bit hardware system. The main purpose of this system is to remove different bugs and makes the programming smoothly and efficiently.

It consists of some awesome features like this operating system are multi-processor and can support multiple tasks. It can support a resolution up to 1920×1080 pixels. Webcam video, TV or radio and USB supports are given in this operating system. keyboard and mouse are also given. you can install it from any media, such as USB or CD.

It is also a great alternative for Windows.

10) Android

Google are the developers of Android and due to its easy use and efficient performance it gradually becomes the most famous desktop operating system after windows.

Due to the efforts of some developers, it is now available free for 32 and 64-bit operating systems. Android is one of the most used operating system after windows in the world. And the benefits of using Android is very clear, you can easily find any app on the android platform.

Androids provided different applications for PC like word processing, email etc along with fantastic media editing applications. You can install different games thorough this platform along with some other fantastic tools.

Overall there will be no better alternative to Windows than android.


The free operating systems for laptops are very much in the market. But here we will provide you with such a strong operating system that will completely help you in your work. So you have to no worry follow our articles for the best operating systems for laptops.

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